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If you're a homeowner who takes pride in staying on top of interior design trends, you've no doubt been busy lately. High-end kitchen island? Check. Living wall in the living room? Sure thing! And you've most certainly got a Chip and Joanna Gaines-inspired farmhouse sink or shiplap lurking somewhere, too.

Sorry to break it to you ... but those trends are très passé. The rest of the world has moved on, and they're decking out their homes with way hipper stuff than that.

Relax, your friends at  are here to help! Just feast your eyes on four of the hottest, hippest home trends we've seen lately.

Kitchen islands with beds

Kitchen island with bed


Kitchen islands have been getting bigger and more souped up than ever. This so-called "hub of the home" can now incorporate sinks, ovens, breakfast bars, charging stations, and far more. But let's be honest here: All that kitchen multitasking can leave home chefs feeling pooped. And alas, if there's one thing kitchen islands lack, it's a place to lay your head, much less your whole body.

But that's about to change with the kitchen island's newest accoutrement: a sleeping bunk!

That's right, thanks to a stowaway mattress incorporated just underneath the counter, now you can take a power nap as you wait for your pasta water to boil. You can lounge longitudinally while you slice and dice onions. Guests who hover around your island can now really kick back with that glass of merlot, or just crash for the night if they've had one too many.

This may explain why this home feature has popped up in the kitchens of party-hard celebs including David Hasselhoff, who says, "In the past, I had to choose between staving off hangovers with sleep or a bacon cheeseburger. But now, I can do both at once!"

Indoor yards

Fun for the whole family!


For years, we've all been bringing the indoors outside, with outdoor kitchens and fully decked al fresco living spaces. So get ready to flip the script. Are you wishing you could enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your couch? Well, now you can, by rigging up your home with an indoor yard. In-floor irrigation systems now enable homeowners to go beyond a few potted plants and have wall-to-wall grass beneath their feet—all without the hassles of inclement weather, nosy neighbors, mosquitoes, or other outdoor annoyances.

Due to the added privacy, indoor yards have really taken off with celebs, including Angelina Jolie ("It's so natural and earthy") and even Barack Obama, whose Portuguese water dogsSunny and Bo, "were confused at first," he admits. "Although these indoor lawns are rigged with drainage systems so canines can relieve themselves inside, I had to 'house train' them again, only in reverse. They eventually caught on, particularly once I installed a few bushes."

Wall-to-wall wallpaper

Wallpaper wall-to-wall

Getty Images

From florals and metallics to textures, the wallpaper trend is truly taking over. But get ready for the next level.

Although many choose to paper an accent wall, this hot new trend sees paper covering not only the traditional four walls, but also the ceiling, floor, furniture ... sometimes even pets and family members!

Celeb fans include Kim Kardashian West—who might like to bare all when it comes to her wardrobe, but wants her walls completely covered at home. Kicking hubby Kanye’s minimalist style to the curb, the reality star supposedly has designers scrambling to order rolls upon rolls to paper the 15,700-square-foot Los Angeles estate she and Kanye bought for $20 million in 2014. Reportedly, their kids, North, Saint, and Chicago, have pajamas and bedspreads that match the wallpaper in their rooms.

"It can be a bit dizzying sometimes, and it's frankly even hard to find them now," Kardashian West admits. "But it's worth it. Now I never have to ask, 'Does this go with that?' ever again."

Farmhouse furniture straight from the barn

Hay, ya!


The modern farmhouse style has been all the rage since Chip andJoanna Gaines' show "Fixer Upper" hit the airwaves and developed a devoted following. They have their own home line at Magnolia, Target ... yet some think those aren't quite farmhouse enough.

Enter their newest venture: real farmhouse furniture, straight from the barn to you! Think: hay bale coffee tables. Side table butter churns. Manger beds. Of course, Chip and Jo have incorporated these elements into their own home too. Just ask Chip: "We swapped our regular alarm clocks for a rooster. Since there's no snooze button, he really gets us up!"

So if you love living on the very cutting edge of design, you're probably eager to incorporate these into your home. But before you do that, maybe check the date on this article first.

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By:, Liz Alterman

What Is Boho Home Decor? 5 Effortless Ways to Achieve Eclectic Design

by Amy McLeod Group

What is boho home decor? If you're partial to mixing prints and colors in new, exciting ways, it's a trend you might want to take for a spin. Boho decor, which draws its name from bohemianism, is an open-minded approach to interior design. It's all about embracing an eclectic and informal mishmash of patterns and textures.

Below, our design experts share the quintessential elements of boho home decor and how simple it is to master this popular look in your home.

What is boho home decor?

Photo by Aundra Skinner Interiors

Boho decor is bold, free-spirited, and adventurous, says Lotta Lundaas of Norse Interiors. Think design that is inspired by decor you could have seen in a home during the hippie movement of the 1960s and '70s.

"I also associate boho design with colorful bazaars and marketplaces in Africa and the Middle East," Lundaas says. "Various textures, colors created from exotic spices, and handpainted patterns all come together and create a warm and interesting effect. Boho design allows you to mix colors and patterns freely and work with multiple layers."

"Boho design is really about self-expression," says Michael Friedes of Michael Friedes Interior Design in San Francisco. "It's about celebrating the individual through an eclectic and worldly aesthetic. Think of many textures and patterns and styles, often with a sense of adventure linked to them."

Where did boho home decor come from?

Although it's named for Bohemia, in the historic area around today's Czech Republic in Eastern Europe, the design trend takes its cues from a relaxed style that originated in France after the French Revolution, Lundaas says. The aesthetic eventually jumped over the ocean to the United States, growing in popularity in both home decor and fashion in the '60s and '70s.

These days, you can spot boho just about anywhere, from chic city lofts to comfy homes in the country.

It's made a comeback largely because it allows you to design your home around your personal tastes, rather than trying to make the latest trend or hot new look fit in your home, says Liat Tzoubari, co-founder and CEO of Sevensmith, an ethical home decor brand.

"Boho allows you to express your inner self and use pieces and decor that you feel reflect your personality," Tzoubari says.

So how do you do that in a way that looks purposeful and designed, not as if a flea market threw up in your living room? The experts have plenty of tips to make boho work in your home.

1. Stick to informal rooms

Boho is about comfort, which make it a perfect design choice for much of your home, says Ryan Saghian of Ryan Saghian Interior Design in Los Angeles.

That said, your formal dining room isn't going to be the best place to showcase your boho point of view.

"Family rooms and bedrooms are more casual spaces where it is appropriate to incorporate this style, and you can have more flexibility with a relaxed look," Saghian says.

Photo by Urbanology Designs

2. Focus on fabrics

Photo by Breeze Giannasio Interiors 

Whether it's a tapestry on the wall or rugs on the floor, textiles are an easy way to start introducing a boho sensibility. Maybe you found a set of pillows in an exotic print on a trip abroad or at the flea market.

"A tribal rug with modern furniture is also a great way to add a layer of warmth and color as well," Friedes says.

3. Keep it secondhand

Talking of flea markets, open-air bazaars are great for finding boho-themed wares.

Lundaas credits the sustainability movement with helping to bring boho back, as more people have come to embrace the old, rather than constantly buying mass-produced items to keep up with the trends.

With this in mind, she recommends hitting secondhand stores for some truly one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories.

4. Embrace clutter

Take that, Marie Kondo! If you're an organization maven or favor a stark, clean look to your home, boho decor probably isn't for you. A home that's truly boho can certainly be clean, but you're bound to see mismatching frames on the walls and furniture set at odd angles.

"This style should look and feel effortless but still achieve harmony," Lundaas says. "It’s the opposite of minimalism, so refrain from making it too neat and organized. More is more, in this case."

Photo by Heidi Pribell Interiors 

5. Think global

If you're a world traveler, boho design is the perfect way to let your home suggest your taste for adventure.

Friedes suggests bringing home pieces from your travels that excite you and adding them to your home—regardless of whether or not they go with your current decor. The more you add, the more your home will reflect your true personality.

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By:, Jeanne Sager

10 Ideas for Decorating Pumpkins That Up Your Gourd Game Big-Time

by Amy McLeod Group

Pumpkin decorating ideas are popping up everywhere right now, with Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon and our obsession with pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin-scented everything cranking into high gear. If you're bored with the usual jack-o-lantern and want to pull off some more creative gourd decor, you need look no further than this list below.

1. Go full metal

Photo by Sarah Greenman 

Liz Toombs, president of PDR Interiors, likes to keep her pumpkins in service from October through December. "One year, I was even able to incorporate pumpkins into my Christmas decor because I used a woodland-themed tree," she explains.

One of her secrets is spraying them with metallic paint. Toombs gives them a coat of silver and then groups them on a black cloth runner with matching serving pieces and dried grass. "It makes for an interesting texture combination in a chic color scheme," she reports. And she likes to paint the pumpkins on her front stoop and adorn them with sequins for extra curb appeal.

2. Fill glass canisters

Photo by Kirkendall Design

Try filling cylindrical glass vases with mini pumpkins, Toombs suggests. "And tiny faux pumpkins in a piece of crystal is another easy way to achieve the look," she says. These little gourds can also float with votive candles in a large punch bowl for a stunning centerpiece.

3. Make pumpkin pots

By Corynne Pless Brooklyn

Create a vessel for succulents or seasonal plants, such as bittersweet, 'mums or asters, inside hollowed-out pumpkins. "Or make a fairy garden by cutting a large hole in one side, scooping out the insides, and then putting in miniature furniture and other fairylike items," says Jamie Novak, author of "Keep This Toss That."

4. Adorn the loo

Photo by Elad Gonen 

Everyone stacks pumpkins on the front porch or on a buffet—so it's worth branching out. "It's less expected to see a pumpkin weighing down paper hand towels in your guest bath," Novak notes. Line bookcases and windowsills with gourds, or fill your fireplace with a variety of shapes and colors. "Include a strand of battery-operated lights in a seasonal orange shade for a realistic glow," she adds.

5. Choose white pumpkins

Photo by Rikki Snyder 

Think beyond the orange and pick up pumpkins that are white, creamy peach, or beige. "Or decorate fake pumpkins with velvet and sequins, which are popular materials right now," says Toombs. Jeanine Boiko, a blogger at Okio B Designs and a real estate agent with Exit Realty Gateway in Wantaugh, NY, favors a black-and-white harlequin pattern on her pumpkins. "And I once filled a mini red pickup truck with putka pods, similar to mini pumpkins, that I found online," she adds.

6. Spell it out

Photo by Seaside Interiors

Put these gourds to work by painting words on them or carving out letters. Novak writes "Welcome" on a big pumpkin for her front step, while Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP cuts "Thanks" or "Greetings" into her bigger ones and then makes a slit on the top of mini pumpkins to slide in place cards for the table.

7. Create serving vessels

Photo by Sarah Greenman 

You can also transform your pumpkins into serving pieces. Hollow out a pumpkin, line it with a plastic bag that fits the inside, and then fill your bowl with Halloween candy. A set of these pumpkins can also stand in for a bean bag toss game or hold a trio of fall mums on the deck. Having a party? Use the shell of your pumpkin as a soup tureen (bonus points if you actually make pumpkin soup from the innards) or as an ice bucket for drinks.

8. Craft a wreath

Photo by Rikki Snyder

Tiny foam pumpkins or small gourds can be hot-glued to a plain wreath shape from the craft store. Add a gingham ribbon and insert fake wheat stalks into the gaps. Decorate the front door—or hang your DIY wreath over the fireplace, on an interior door, or in a hallway.

9. Build with pumpkins

Photo by Sarah Greenman 

In many parts of the country, most greenery is done for the season, but your outdoor urns can still be useful when pumpkin time rolls around. "I like to create a topiary of pumpkins in large planters outside," says Gray-Plaisted.

10. House the birds

Photo by Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting 

Before you compost your pumpkins, bid them adieu by slicing them in half crosswise and filling each section with birdseed. Lay small dowels across the top for perches.

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By: Jennifer Kelly Geddes,

9 Gorgeous Spring Decorating Ideas to Usher in the New Season

by Amy McLeod Group

Spring is officially here, and the days are longer and lighter—if not warmer, in some places. And with the new season comes a chance to hit the reset button on your home's decor. It's time to stash away heavy throws and that snowflake-themed doormat and bring out a brighter look.

"Springtime is your chance to renew the spaces you live in and take them out of hibernation," says Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP.

To help you ease into the new season, we've gathered nine gorgeous ways to upgrade your interior and exterior style. The best part? They're cheap and easy. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring some spring fling into your home.

1. Add cheery wallpaper

Photo by Ed Ritger Photography 

Quick and easy peel-and-stick wallpaper is ideal for spring, especially if you choose a joyful, bright print. Seek out lively patterns, including pink and green branches, pastel polka dots, or bird themes.

And if you're not sure you want to redo the entire room, put this temporary look on an accent wall. You'll still have a pop of springtime color, but with less commitment.

2. Display rustic birds' nests

Photo by Adrienne DeRosa 

What says "rejuvenation" more than the very structures that nurture life? Bring these natural elements inside by collecting old nests that you're certain aren't in use or by hitting up the crafts store for faux versions.

Place your nest collection under a glass cloche or fill it with fruit, flowers, or, as Easter approaches, colored eggs and bunnies.

3. Show off fresh flowers

Photo by Dreamy Whites 

Fresh flowers are a must this time of year.

"I love calla lilies, irises, and tulips in a bouquet placed in a nontypical spot such as your nightstand or bar cart," says Sara Chiarilli, an interior designer with Artful Conceptions in Tampa, FL.

And in the yard, look to pansies and azaleas.

"Azaleas [can act] as colorful and well-behaved foundation plants on the east side of your house, where they'll receive afternoon shade," recommends Matt Michaels of Lowe's.

"Pansies are a great springtime bloom because they're hardy in cold weather and come in an array of shades, many with bicolor faces," adds Rhianna Miller of RubberMulch. Plus, they thrive in both full sun and part shade and can be planted in pots, flower beds, and hanging baskets.

4. Change up your throw pillows

Photo by Mandeville Canyon Designs

The beauty of a neutral couch is that you can change out your accessories with every season, Chiarilli notes. Pack away dark throw pillows and accent blankets, and go for lighter colors.

"If you live in a warm-toned house, pick yellows, soft pinks, and orange—and for cool tones, select light blues, greens, and silvers," she says.

5. Swap in brighter lampshades

Photo by Nick George | Photographer

Out with dark, tweedy toppers, and in with paler, more delicate shades. Pinks, lavenders, and lime greens herald the season, offering your living room a spring glow for not much money. Check out chain stores such as T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Target for inexpensive lampshades for every room.

6. Switch to lightweight bedding

Photo by Roger Oates Design 

If you've been hibernating underneath dark, fuzzy throw blankets and heavy duvets, it's time to strip the bed! With warmer temps and brighter days on the horizon, consider lighter pastels for pillows and throw blankets.

"Rose quartz, for example, is the perfect springtime color, and it mixes beautifully with gray paint tones that have become so popular lately," Chiarilli says.

And remember, spring can bring on allergies. If you have special pillows and sheets (Allergy Asthma Technology makes hypoallergenic bedding), now's the time to bring them out, says Julie Coraccio, the home organizing expert at Reawaken Your Brilliance.

7. Display fragrant herbs and fruits

Photo by Chris Snook 

Spring is all about the green. Line up small pots of basil, thyme, and mint on your kitchen or laundry room windowsill, and breathe in the fresh, vernal scent.

Or pile bright green fruits such as Granny Smith apples, limes, pomelos, or Anjou pears into a bowl or shallow platter on the counter or dining room hutch.

8. Change your bathroom linens

Photo by Habitat Architecture 

A zippy new shower curtain is an easy spring upgrade—and it'll likely cost less than $30.

"And don't forget to change out your hand towels and candles," Chiarilli says. "It's so important that your home smell like spring when you walk through the door, so try jasmine, the perfect soft scent."

9. Paint the front door

Photo by Rick & Cindy Black Architects 

The entrance to your home deserves a little springtime love, too. Consider slapping a fresh coat of paint on your front door—and think vibrant spring colors such as a zesty coral, a tranquil aqua, or a bright lemon yellow.

"Get a new doormat, and add a pretty wreath or door basket with silk flowers and greens," Gray-Plaisted suggests.

If you live in a cooler climate, try putting cold-hardy bulbs in your outdoor planters and then adding one to each side of your door or garage. Voila—a fresh entryway that makes it clear spring has sprung at your house.

By:, Jennifer Kelly Geddes

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